EuroMini ZiZZO Via 27lb Folding Bike is perfect. The 28″ tyres will kick up grass, leaves, grass blades, greenery and have a great grip on even the roughest roads. The bike is on one of the lightweight and agile bikes for bikes weighing around 25 lbs. It is incredibly well-balancedContinue Reading

Philips Electric Toothbrush is designed with high reliability and safety, continuous cleaning and ease of use in mind. It allows for noiseless and hassle free usage, to ensure that your brush cleans and provides you with mouth cleansing all while providing effective protection for your teeth. Philips Electric Toothbrush isContinue Reading

Panasonic EH-NA65-K Hair Dryer is a small in size hair dryer with a dome shaped Head. It is made in Japan and will charge up from 2.7 Volts to about 5 Volts, thus depending on the settings that you choose for the dryer’s settings. It is a new release, butContinue Reading

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is a simple, one button accessory that allows you to view video and audio of your baby, toddler or preschooler. This simple, flexible baby monitor is perfect for child care workers, babysitters, and parents. It has a simple design, no batteries or wire toContinue Reading

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is quite roomy and does a great job at keeping the bike secure at low speeds. It is a nice bike to ride on the beach and has proven to be a solid competitor against all the specialist beaches and trails in Surf Coast.Continue Reading

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 is an upgraded version of the original Pure Cool. Dyson Pure Cool TP01 is the flagship model in their line. In the history of the company, the Pure Cool has taken on more incarnations than any other model. It is the flagship, yes, but it isContinue Reading

Coavas Writing Computer Desk is made with high quality materials to deliver your office in style. The Desk is good design. The whole design is very nice. I like the design of their computer desk as I can use my laptop and tablet together, this would be useful for myContinue Reading