AirSleek Windows Rain Guards Side Window Deflectors for Toyota RAV4

AirSleek’s Windows Rain Guards for Toyota RAV4 (2013-2018) is the best roof protection for the roof of the Toyota RAV4. It can be combined with Rain Guard Window and Roof Covering.

The best rain guard product you’ll ever buy for your Toyota RAV4. These Rain Guards feature an integrated water shield with a patented moisture diffusion system for a superior performance. The Rain Guard is designed to resist rain water without the use of any other products. This provides a complete rain protection solution to ensure maximum protection of your vehicle’s finish.

The Windows Rain Guards are made from the best Polycarbonate plastic possible, to offer a strong and durable film that does not require any additional treatment for a smooth finish. Windows Rain Guards protect against road spray while maintaining a comfortable and secure fit over your vehicle’s windshield. Window Rain Guards feature an interior plastic film which offers an anti-slip surface to provide the best scratch-free protection for your car’s windows.

The interior rain guard has been designed to fit on either side of the front glass and is not visible from outside the vehicle. The installation is easy and the plastic will not damage the glass or add any additional weight on your vehicle.

  • Fits ONLY Toyota RAV4 2013-2018 – This is Outside Tape Mount Deflectors
  • Deflectors are made from the best Polycarbonate plastic on the market!
  • Limited lifetime warranty!
  • Protects from Rain, Snow & dust and allows fresh air to come in
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