TRD PRO Grill Tacoma (PT228-35170)

TOYOTA Tacoma TRD PRO Grill is a sleek, durable and comfortable grill, quality construction, and a premium feature set.

TRD PRO Grill for Tacoma is one of the best grills. It has solid stainless steel parts and it is constructed pretty well. The Grill have black-toned plastics and a very aggressive exterior.

The Grill for Tacoma has a great design and is well made. It looks high-quality and the stainless steel parts are well-crafted and very easy to clean.

TRD PRO Grill for toyota Tacoma is a great option for the ultimate truck or SUV. It is well designed for its use and can handle more torque. It is small and compact for easy transport. The Pro Grill features an easy installation.

  • Genuine OEM
  • Top quality
  • Rely on the high quality and effectiveness
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