PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset for PS4

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is 『Sony Playstation™ 4』-compatible, one of the best and most popular gaming consoles on the market today, and the safest way to play PS4 games with your PlayStation™ TV. Thanks to the superb 6.2-inch Retina® Display and exclusive Subwoofer Audio™ technology, PS4™ is the ultimate performance platform and also boasts one of the most advanced connectivity solutions. With the PlayStation® Camera, you can capture in-game moments and share them with friends, family and the world. And with the New Dramatic™ Camera app for PlayStation® Camera on PlayStation®4, capturing unbelievable video moments instantly and sharing them instantly via social networks is easier than ever.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is handy to play touch based games. These headsets have good range (around 6-10 meters), good resolution and good sound quality (better than just a headset). Even better for gamers is the high quality of Playstation VR with integrated headphones, wide range, more realistic sound and sound field adjustment. For the same price as Wired virtual reality headsets it is also a good choice.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is best ! Very versatile , the Playstation keys are different with each model and play different game types …. including hit games.the 8bitdo wireless is the best one !!…. when you plug in it, it quickly turns off to a pretty big white noise. No, the caseta sound line-in speakers will not get a big sound and will not sound as good as the 8bitdo for the most part. The 8bitdo will get the job done for you most of the time. So I recommend the 8bitdo.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is best for gamers who like their gaming to be as pleasant as possible. I’ve had better. I prefer to carry around a bluetooth gaming headset, a bluetooth headset comes with a microphone, it is extremely rare to run into a game that doesn’t have a built-in microphone. Not only is this a far more natural sounding system, but the sound quality is far better than that of a wired headset. While I’m personally partial to traditional wired headsets, if you have to resort to bluetooth headsets, make sure they are well made. If you can get past the price, this is the headset I suggest.

  • A Headset for Gamers: Experience everything from the big booms to whisper quiet warnings in stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound and chat with friends through the hidden, noise canceling microphones
  • With the Headset Companion App, download custom audio modes created exclusively for PlayStation 4 systems by developers that are specifically tuned to enhance the audio in your favorite games
  • Stylish comfort: slip into comfort you can Enjoy for hours and a look you can take anywhere. Further customize your look by swapping out the removable faceplates for something more your style
  • Designed with PlayStation VR in mind: Explore the incredible worlds of VR with a headset to be worn comfortably along with PlayStation VR is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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